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Larry Hughes' 85 SE, After a rear end accident and paint, 2

I bought this car, my first Fiero, in October 1998. It was not driveable due to a blown clutch and cracked radiator. In order to make it driveable I replaced the clutch, radiator, brakes, hoses, cv joint boots, hoses and tune up items. Finally it was ready for a road test in March 1999, started around the block and discovered a problem that was hidden - the third gear synchro was broken. After several trips to the smog inspection station, catalytic converter, EGR Solenoid and O2 sensor it was legal to drive and FUN to DRIVE. Over the past 4 years I have been restoring the car and repairing it as it breaks. I have not yet been stranded, however I did blow the engine at about 184K miles - ought to have known better than to rev it that high. Rebuilt the engine with a 3.1 stroker kit and installed a Getrag 5 speed transmission and love the power and economy more than ever. In May 2004 I was hit from the rear at a stop sign which required a new bumper and fascia, while I was at it I had the car repainted red. Hoping to get another 100K miles of FUN with the car, it now has 204K and is running great.

May 2005, the car now has 213K miles and is running good. My daily commute is almost 36 miles and the fuel mileage varies 23-26 mpg. Highway mileage is right at 30. On May 26 I had the opportunity to participate in a track event at Thunderhill Racepark, Willows, Ca. The event was sponsored by NASA (National Auto Sport Assn, not the space people) and it is quite a thrill to legally see what the Fiero can do. Mostly I found that the car is better than the driver as I had no track experience, but that can be corrected with practice (or so I am told). Here is a photo of the car on the track:

Action Photo

While looking for information about repairing the car I ran across this start up club in Dec. 1998. As the club was forming, I became the Vice President without even trying. As the President of FOSD since July 2001 it has been fun leading or perhaps pushing the group in various activities and assistance with repairing their cars. I hope you enjoy your visit on our new and hopefully last website.

Happy Fieroing, Larry