Photos of the Palm Springs trip Feb. 12 & 13

Corsair and P51 -- Corsair and P51 -- P51 -- Corsair

Corsair and P51 flying together, Each on the apron returning to hanger

P51 -- Corsair -- Corsair engine -- P51

Corsair and P51 close-up

Flying Fortress B-17 -- Roadrunner -- Bi-Plane and B-17 -- C-46

B-17 in the hanger, even the natives want to see up close

Fieros -- Fieros --  A6? -- Bob, Jan, Harry & John

Fieros in the parking lot of the museum, at the top of the mountain

Above the clouds -- Snow in the trees -- John ><font color=#808080> --</font></a>
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Views from the top

Gondola -- Stream running under the building -- John and Harry

One of the Gondola cars, John looking for a plane - Harry waiting for a bus?